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GALILEO SCHOOL is a private English language bilingual school which serves children aged 3 to 19.

GALILEO SCHOOL prepares students for further education, professional and personal life within Europe and beyond. Our graduates are well prepared to study in both the national and international context. Students gain profound English language skills along with broad foundations in a variety of subjects within the curriculum. The key component of our educational philosophy is additive bilingualism, which develops both the mother tongue and the English language.

In accordance with research studies we believe that it is never too early to start learning a foreign language. One of the most natural and logical ways of acquiring language is through using it as the medium of instruction. Therefore our teaching philosophy for the very early age and beyond is deeply rooted in the CLIL approach – Content and Language Integrated Learning.

The program at GALILEO SCHOOL fulfils the requirements for intensive language education as well as those set out by the Ministry of Education. The language of instruction is English and is complemented with original British and American textbooks. The national language of the host country is taught in the full curriculum with the required number of lessons. Mathematics is taught in both the national and the English languages.

GALILEO SCHOOL is accredited by the Ministry of Education and is a part of the state school network.

GALILEO SCHOOL would like to cater to parents who are searching for alternative forms of education with an individual approach to pupils as opposed to traditional forms of study. We are a school in which computers and internet are integral parts of the learning process.

The guarantee of a high quality education at GALILEO SCHOOL is a small number of pupils per class (maximum 16), lessons that motivate and engage students, differentiated targets based on individual abilities of each child, modern equipment, and experienced teachers who are innovative and ambitious.